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Eggs ordered in lots of 200, 500 and 1000 come glued down in the center of a large clear plastic petri dish - (unless you request otherwise in the COMMENT section of the order form). Chow is purchased separately. When the eggs hatch (within a week) prepare the chow and feed. To obtain the maximum number of live silkworms from the eggs -- we recommend that there be no more than 1000 eggs per large petri dish (ideally 200 to 500 eggs per large petri dish is best), otherwise you may end up with a lower percentage of silkworms because of overcrowding.

If you order eggs in BULK they will not be glued down and will all arrive loose in 1 petri dish. Therefore, if you purchase eggs in BULK we recommend that you purchase additional large petri dishes along with egg scoops and place the eggs into the petri dishes yourself for hatching.

NOTE: Newly hatched silkworms must be maintained at warm temperatures (at least 78 degrees) or they will not grow and will usually die. We recommend incubators (see our Care & Raising Tips for more details on incubators and keeping them warm without one). Once the silkworms reach about 3/4 inch long (after about 10 to 12 days from the time they hatched) they are past the critical stage and can be rasied at lower temperatures but they should be kept warm thru all stages to grow quickly and remain healthy.

Our silkworm eggs are of SUPERIOR QUALITY

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Silkworm Egg Sale- Buy 2 boxes of silkworm eggs (25,000 eggs each) - get a third box for FREE


All eggs for refrigeration need to be packed in styro with a cold pack.

Available for quantities of 5,000 silkworm eggs and up.

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