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7-7-14: SILKWORMS ARE SOLD OUT. We should have a new batch of silkworms ready to sell in a few weeks; we are very busy setting up our 2nd location in Louisiana and look forward to serving your needs from our new facility!

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Up to 1/2" long (size may vary) - 100, 250, 500, 1000 counts

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3/4" to 1"+ long (size may vary) - 25 & 50 counts*
[*some worms may be slightly over 1"]

This item is out of stock

DISCLAIMER RE PURCHASING SILKWORMS FOR "EDUCATIONAL" OR "SCIENTIFIC" APPLICATIONS:  We are a feeder insect company, selling silkworms as feeder insects. Due to changes in environment and too many variables that are out of our control we cannot guarantee our silks will live out their entire life cycle, or spin cocoons; we guarantee our silks will be healthy when they leave here and will live a reasonable amount of time after they arrive in order to be fed off.  You MAY be able to grow them through their entire larval stage and get them to spin cocoons, and you may even have moths emerge and lay more silkworm eggs - we simply cannot guarantee this. If you have a failure or problem with your silkworm project you can still contact us and we will try to help you; we may be able work with you on a replacement order by offering it to you at a discounted price, depending on the item(s).  Thank you.

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