Silkworm Eggs & Powdered Chow Combos (POSTPAID)

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Silkworm Eggs & Food.  Price Includes Priority Mail Shipping.


Each order comes with "normal/regular" silkworm eggs and enough powdered chow to raise them to approximately 1 1/2 inches. Feeding off some silks at a smaller size will allow enough food to grow the remaining silks larger, which makes this combo perfect for those who have both hatchling/ juvenile and adult reptiles, or species of different sizes.


*Note- All eggs in this combo come unglued. Large petri dishes are included with each order- 1 dish per 500 eggs.

Raising Tip- Newly hatched silkworms must be maintained at warm temperatures (78-80 degrees) or they will not grow and will usually die. We recommend incubators (see our Care & Raising Tips for more details on incubators and keeping them warm without one). Once the silkworms reach about 3/4 inch long (after about 10 to 12 days from the time they hatched) they are past the critical stage and can be rasied at lower temperatures but they should be kept warm thru all stages to grow quickly and remain healthy.





Our silkworm eggs are of SUPERIOR QUALITY

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