Silkworm Eggs: 200 (POSTPAID)

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200 silkworm eggs (loose in small petri dish w/large petri dish for hatching). Several varieties to choose from. Price includes priority mail/first class shipping.


Description of Silkworm Egg Varieties Available (depending on our inventory):

"Regular" Egg - white silkworm, white cocoon

"Zebra" Egg - white worm w/black stripe, white cocoon (note that not all "zebra" worms are striped)

"Reverse Zebra" Egg - black worm w/white stripe, gold cocoon REVERSE ZEBRA CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

"Pink" Egg - white worm, pink cocoon

"Green" Egg - white worm, green cocoon 


NOTE: Visit our Care & Raising Tips page for more details on hatching and raising silkworms.  Silkworm eggs require very specific care to be successful. 

Don't forget to purchase silkworm chow (sold separately), or if you plan on feeding mulberry leaves make sure you have a source of clean, quality mulberry leaves and that you have the smallest young leaves to feed newly hatched eggs as newly hatched silkworms cannot eat larger tougher leaves.

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